Ange Takats had no idea what was about to hit her when she arrived in Bangkok to take up a job as a TV news foreign correspondent at the age of 22. In her travel memoir The Buffalo Funeral – Soundbites from a Songbird in Siam, Ange shares her adventures as a young white woman living alone in Asia - from interviewing Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi – to being chased by a tiger in a Buddhist monastery … from being confronted with heroin addicts in Hanoi – to and having her breasts massaged with Tiger Balm while filming a story about Thai boob jobs. 

The memoir also tells the story of how Ange landed a second job in a folk rock band – gigging each week with a couple of whisky-swigging Thais who gave her a musical education she’d never forget.

“Travel, romance and music plus a fascinating behind the scenes look at a foreign news bureau, The Buffalo Funeral is a page turning adventure. Ange writes with honesty, humour and an intimacy that makes you feel as though you've always been best friends. Recommended reading with many cups of tea and the occasional watermelon juice, just make sure it's 100% watermelon!” – Mary-Louise Stephens, ABC Local Radio

"A thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone who loves a heartfelt story about life in a foreign land. Ange proves a witty and observant storyteller with a perceptive take on the newness around her” – The West Australian

“You get a real sense of the country (Thailand) – the smells, the seasons, the food, the streets and of people's humanity in the face of poverty, a life most Westerners can barely imagine” – The Courier Mail

''The Buffalo Funeral is an easy to read absorbing account of a young woman’s journey into the male-orientated world of the media in Thailand. The writing is fresh, upbeat and the story flows seamlessly” – Maxine Ryan, Berkelouw Books

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