One of the purest voices on the Australian music scene – Ange Takats is able to coat with sugar, crush with sadness and cut through to the soul of a song.

The former foreign correspondent turned folk singer’s second album Arva blends 30s jazz with 60s folk. It was recorded and produced by J. Walker (Machine Translations) in Gippsland and follows the successful release of her debut album Aniseed Tea (2009).

Strangely enough, Ange began her music career in Bangkok where she was based for two years as a journalist. Her worldly adventures and natural gift for storytelling have allowed her to develop a unique performance style – weaving lighthearted travel tales between darkly emotive songs.

"Ange Takats has a bell-peal voice that has the DNA of Judy Collins's tonal purity and Joni Mitchell's emotionality. Takats also exemplifies contemporary folk's facility to distil emotion into exact words and chiming melody... Generally, the folk crowd is more attuned to heartache than happiness but Takats's delight throughout Arva is infectious" - Anthony O'Grady, The Australian

"There's plenty to like about Takats' captivating new album ... her 'syrupy' voice, poignant lyrics, tinges of humour and nostalgia, great string arrangements and nicely layered vocal harmonies combine to make the 11-track Arva a musical journey worth travelling" - The Road Ahead Magazine

“Fans of Norah Jones and Eva Cassidy take note, Ange Takats has returned with her sophomore album Arva ... light 30′s vocal jazz and Americana folk are blended with melt away breezy success. Incredibly beautiful!” - Sammy Al, Eastside Radio

"Arva invites your attention and never loses it, easing you into the stripped-back organic sounds, and Ange’s seamless, unforced vocals that at times become a great big warm sonic hug" - Rhys Fox, The Point

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